Freddie Gray…And More…

May 1, 2015 § Leave a comment

Today, it was announced that 6 officers from the Baltimore Police Department have been charged for the death of Freddie Gray. This is wonderful news, but I cannot forget that this is only a small step. It is important to realize that Freddie Gray is not the first person to die from police violence, and he will not be the last. As Ta-Nehisi Coates (and others) have said, it is so much larger than this one man. While the convictions of these officers would be a wonderful event worthy of celebration, the larger goal of comprehensive police reform in the United States must not be lost. This is larger than any one man or woman. Let’s keep that in mind.

Thoughts on History…

April 17, 2015 § Leave a comment

The title of this post is likely misleading. The only thing I’m really here to do is remind everyone of this amazing work by Ta-Nehisi Coates. The amount of relevant and necessary history presented here is truly stunning. Let’s not forget that. What is deemed important by those who create the various curricula for students? I recall learning about Frank Lloyd Wright, but this is so much more relevant. If you haven’t read it, please do. I won’t mention any of its contents here. I would honestly rank it as one of the most important things I have ever read. Please check it out for yourself.

The Tide So Far

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So I’ve been trying out a 30-day trial of Tidal, the relaunched artist-owned music service owned by Jay Z and company. I like it a lot. I like that you can watch music videos or read articles if you so wish. I have been using it on my phone (Moto X). I think the price is a somewhat valid criticism, but what I don’t think is a valid criticism of the service is the press conference that was used to announce it. Yes, the artists in the conference were all very rich, but every artist isn’t. That’s what is supposed to be taken away from the conference. Tidal will pay indie artists more than Spotify (the most comparable service). The fact is that unless you’re a mega music star, you’re getting screwed on the money. Is $9.99 a month really too much to pay for financial security? I don’t think so. I’m going to be cancelling my trial however (the poor college student life is real). That was a good twist, right?

The Universe Speaks

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The Dedication to Community (D2C) Tour was held here at UNCC last week. It was an amazing experience that was did not get much traffic. That is not the point of this post though. I got to meet Kristal High Taylor. That name may not mean anything, but she is the co-founder of She gave me her contact information and said she would love to pick my brain. That was pretty dope. Maybe that means something. Maybe the universe has something to say. It’s best I listen.


April 6, 2015 § 3 Comments

Life has its ups and downs. This is an inescapable truth. How we respond to them is the truest test of our character. I hope we all make the right choices.


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I was always an inquisitive child. I often asked questions. One of the things I questioned most was the belief that some things are good and some are bad/evil. For example, light is typically seen as good, while darkness is typically seen as bad/evil. But why? They’re both essential to our lives. Anger and violence are just as necessary to life. I don’t believe that non-violence is always the answer, though I do think it should always be the choice taken until it is no longer an option. (Side note: I’ve always been more of a Malcolm X guy, though I love the Black Panther Party the most.) I have come to believe that life is about balance. I think all of us believe it to a degree (Too much of a good thing, building/destroying, what goes up must come down). It’s okay to experience the full spectrum of emotions. They’re all normal parts of our humanity. It’s okay to like the dark. Enjoy the totality of life. Enjoy the totality of your humanity. Enjoy the balance.


February 26, 2015 § Leave a comment

*Musings are posts where I just condense some thoughts I’ve had and put them out into the world.

I have struggled a lot in life, and I continue to struggle. And yet I am also lucky in that I continue to make progress on my main goals in life. The balance is difficult, but I cannot fall. I could never accept it. This Walt Whitman quote that I read in Phil Jackson’s Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success keeps coming back to me: “Henceforth, we seek not good fortune, for we are ourselves good fortune”.


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